Monitoring wild populations in Poland

Hela flocken 2


The wild populations of European bison in Poland are growing and are monitored very closely. Every winter they are counting the number of individuals in the five populations. Now the results are presented. Nearly 1500 wild Wisents live in the forests and mountains in Poland.

In all the five wild populations of European bison are growing in numbers. The populations are living in five populations in the north west, north east and in the south in Biescscady Mountains.
The first report was from Western Pomeranian. They have succeeded to grow their two herds from 25 animals to this year 205 animals. They have done a great job.

In north east several projects work to expand the area for the wild populations and developing new populations. Several partners such as Bison Friend Society, University of Warsaw, several forest departments and the national park in Bialowieza works together.
The largest population still lives in Bialowieza Forest with 596 animals. In Knyszynska Forest 144 and in Borki Forest with 108 animals.
In the south in the Biescscady Mountains they have 402 wild wisents.
We can now enjoy that nearly 1500 wild European bison roam in the polish forests and Mountains again.

It has been a hard work to come to this result. If you are interested to read more about the wild populations and our work, read our newsletters for supporting members. Please enjoy us!