As wild as possible

Swiming bison in Eriksberg Nature Reserve


In the wild the wisent migrate, especially in the mountains, between summer and winter feeding areas. They are not afraid crossing rivers. In Eriksberg Nature Reserve the wisent live as wild as possible. For the first time we now have got photos when the WHOLE herd swim over a lake, both old and young animals togheter.

We know that the bison living in the mountains, both in Caucasus and in Biescscady do seasonal migrations, when they moving down to the river valleys when the winter season will begins.
It is very interesting to observe that in this spring the animals in the reserve in Eriksberg also behave as the wild animals and cross a little lake in their way. They could easily go around, but they chose to cross it instead!!
The situation with the swimming herd was observed and the photo was taken by Christina Sandin.

I have now have the opportunity to work with a long time monitoring of the herd of European bison in Eriksberg Nature Reserve since nearly 15 years now. I following each individual animals behaviour and document the changes.
I have great help in photo documents from Christina Sandin in Dadino photo, and Percy Christianson, They send me many photos when we observe something or need to do an identification of some behaviour.

See more photos in the file "Visentmöten".